The Best Golf Bag Coolers – Updated for 2022

The most over-looked and under-valued golf accessory is the golf cooler.

The golf cooler keeps your precious 12 and 16-ounce beverages ice cold, within arms reach, and, when necessary, hidden from the prying eyes of the starter or golf pro when you approach the first tee.

I have a very deep appreciation for golf coolers because what I keep inside often helps me turn around a bad front nine, or helps me forget about all my bad shots during a bad round.

I don’t think it would be wrong for me to say, on certain occasions, My Golf Cooler is my Best Friend.

Yeah, I am having fun, but you get my point.

I wanted to help you find a new best friend too.

All the coolers on this page are good and will all golfers quite well, but there is a clear cut winner in my eyes:


The Best Golf Bag Coolers available in 2022

Bogey Pro Golf Covert Cooler Shoe Bag

image of bogey pro golf covert cooler shoe bag

The Bogey Pro Golf Covert Cooler Shoe Bag is convenient to use, doesn’t look like a cooler, and can hold up to 9 cans of your favorite beer, soda, or sparkling water for you sophisticates. You need to stay hydrated!

Although this is my favorite, there are multiple options on this page for you to choose from, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

This cooler is easy to carry as it comes with a handy shoulder strap. If you need extra storage for a snack, there is a nice side pocket to hold that for you. Made from tough fabrics, this Golf bag cooler should be durable enough to handle years of golfing.

The zipper is sturdy and should open and close without too much difficulty. Add a little reusable ice pack, and your beers should stay nice and cold no matter how long you stay out on the golf course.


  • holds 9 12-ounce cans of beers
  • may hold 6 bottles of beer
  • shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • side pocket
  • easy to carry

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Cooler

image of arctic zone titan deep freeze cooler

This is a uniquely designed cooler that makes sure your cans of beer or other refreshments stay cool until you finish your round.

With its 3-day cooling ability, you can get lost on the golf course and still have cold drinks to refresh yourself. The key to its cooling power is that the insulation inside reflects the heat instead of absorbing it.

The flip-open lids make accessing your drinks a snap plus, there are no zippers to break. A leak-proof liner makes sure your golf cart and car stay dry all the time. Then a padded shoulder strap makes sure your back does not get hurt transporting this cooler.

This 14 by 9 by 10 1/4 inch cooler should hold a 6 pack along with some ice and snacks.


  • comes in different colors
  • easy open flip-top lid
  • leak proof lining
  • adjustable carrying strap
  • keeps drinks cold for days

Bevpod Ultra Slim Cooler Soft Bag

image of bevpod ultra slim cooler soft bag

Measuring only 3 by 11 by 14 inches in size, this is your stealth golf cart cooler for those golf courses that frown upon drinking while you play. It can hold up to 10 cans of beer or soda or 6 bottles.

In addition to that ability, it also keeps those drinks cold for about 4 hours. The hard outer shell protects those containers from being broken or dented if dropped. Also, you have a durable zipper that should not break.

A removable shoulder strap makes transporting this cooler from your car to your golf cart very easy. Its leak-proof liner makes sure any moisture does not ruin your car’s interior or your Golf stand bag. The included ice sheet is reusable, saving you money and time.


  • reusable ice sheet
  • leak proof liner
  • holds 10 cans of your favorite drink
  • keeps those drinks cool for hours
  • easy to carry

Callaway Golf Cart Cooler

image of callaway golf cart cooler

With an easy-open top, you can access those cans of your favorite beverage with ease. In addition, you are getting a cooler that comes with a welded and insulated lining that makes sure the cold air stays inside, and the warm air stays out.

Also, its Velcro closure makes sure you can open and close this cooler quickly. Not only can it fit in the basket of your golf cart with ease, when empty, it can collapse down for easy storage. Once it is at full size, you can place 12- 12 ounce cans inside of the best beverage you can afford.

A handy shoulder strap allows you to carry it in your hand or over your shoulder.


  • large capacity
  • Velcro closures for easy access
  • insulated lining
  • can be stored easily when empty
  • compatible with most golf cart baskets

Intech USA Golf Cooler & Accessory Caddy

image of intech usa golf cooler & accessory caddy

This looks like a golf cooler that was designed by golfers for golfers. The cooler can hold up to 10- 12 ounce cans, and it will keep those cans cold between 4 and 8 hours. Along with this large pocket, you also get 3 zippered pockets.

One can hold your valuables while the others can hold your golf items like ball markers, scorecards, and so on. Then, just in case you break a lot of tees in your normal round of golf, there are 6 slots built into this bag to hold some more.

There is a clip on one side of this cooler that allows you to attach it to your golf bag. Carrying it should not be an inconvenience. For those open cans that you haven’t finished drinking, there is a mesh pocket to hold the can until you are done with it.


  • built-in clip for easy carrying
  • holds 10 12 ounce cans
  • 3 zippered pockets
  • a mesh pocket
  • tee holders

Sun Mountain Golf Speed Cart Cooler

image of sun mountain golf speed cart cooler

The Velcro straps help you attach this golf bag cooler to your golf cart easily. Then once in place, you can use the 2 pockets included in this cooler option without any hassle.

The lower one will hold your snack and 6 cans of beverages that you like to drink while you play. A reusable ice pack allows you to keep your drinks and snacks nice and cool. The upper pocket will hold any extras you might want to bring along with you, including storing your valuables and keys, so they do not get lost.

Its lightweight and padded handle is easy on the hands. Made from durable material, so it should last you a long time under normal treatment.


  • padded handle
  • lightweight and easy to carry
  • included reusable ice pack
  • 2 pockets for easy storage of valuables
  • Velcro straps for security

Clicgear Push Cart Cooler Golf Bag

image of clicgear push cart cooler golf bag

One of the best features about this golf cart cooler is that it is compatible for most Clicgear pushcarts. It works with models 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5+ and attaches easily to those cart models.

The insulated lower pocket holds up to 6 cans of your favorite beverage, and there is a mesh pocket to hold the reusable ice bag that keeps the beverage nice and cold. The upper bag will handle the snacks, car keys, wallet, and other small golf Accessories, including any snacks you may need.

On the back of this cooler bag, you have the Velcro strap. It is securely in place. Plus, it goes on the cart near the wheels and stays out of your way.


  • works for Clicgear carts
  • 2 pockets for food and drinks
  • secure fit
  • mesh pocket for reusable ice

Caddyswag Par 6 Golf Cooler

image of caddyswag par 6 golf cooler

When you do not have a lot of space for a cooler, this model lines up the 6 cans it can hold in a straight line, making it easy to find a spot for it on your cart. Or you can use the built-in clip to attach it to your golf bag if you like walking the links instead of riding over them.

If you have room, this 19 by 8-inch cooler can slip easily inside your golf bag, making sure the hot sun does not warm up your drinks too soon. Also, the lining is made from a closed-cell foam material that blocks the warm air and keeps the cold air inside where it belongs.

On top of all that, you also get a reusable gel ice pack that pops into your freezer when you are not playing golf. This is a simple to use cooler for those people who like to use simple to operate things.


  • holds 6 cans of beer, etc.
  • slim design that fits into your golf bag
  • closed-cell insulated foam inside the cooler
  • included gel ice pack
  • simple to use

Proactive Sport 6 to go Beverage Cooler

image of proactive sport 6 to go beverage cooler

When you want to spend the day enjoying the great outdoors and play golf at the same time, pick this cooler to take with you. It holds up to 6 cans of beer or soda and will keep those drinks cold for up to 10 hours.

Carrying this cooler is not going to be a problem. Its shoulder strap allows it to go over your shoulder, or you can use the built-in clip to attach it to your golf bag. Either way, you will be able to stay hydrated all day long.

This cooler’s versatility allows you to use this golf cooler no matter what activity you are doing. Under normal use, it can last a decade or two.


  • slide in function that holds cans secure
  • easy to carry
  • color options
  • keeps drinks cool for up to 10 hours or more
  • durable and strong

OAGear Golf Bag Cooler

image of oagear golf bag cooler

This is another top golf cooler you should consider using. Not only does it have slots for extra tees, but it also comes with mesh pockets to meet all your golfing needs. Those exterior pockets can hold a variety of items, keeping your mind on your golf game.

The main zippered pocket holds up to 6 12 ounce cans of whatever you want to drink while you play. Then the thermal insulation works hard to keep those drinks nice and cool so you can get a refreshing drink whenever you want one.

If you are walking the course, there is a handy shoulder strap to help you carry this cooler from hole to hole. Or just let it sit in your motorized golf cart until you need to take a drink. Either way, you will have a cool drink ready for you.

One mesh pocket holds your open can so it won’t spill as you travel the gold course.


  • tieable mesh pocket for open cans
  • zippered flip top lid
  • room for golf balls and tees
  • easy to carry
  • made from durable fabric


image of mcnick & company golf cooler

When it is your turn to bring the snacks and the drinks, this top golf cooler is your go-to option. Not only does it hold up to 24 12 ounce cans of soda, beer, or other drinks, it fits perfectly into the basket of your golf cart.

Then when your golf game is over, the built-in shoulder strap makes sure you can get this cooler to your car without any hassles. Its 2 zippered closure makes sure the cool air does not escape and helps those drinks stay cool for along time.

Those zippers work hand in hand with the insulated interior, keeping your drinks cold for hours. It is made with high-quality materials that look good as well as last for years.


  • made for golf cart baskets
  • large can capacity
  • easy to carry to and from your car
  • keeps drinks cold for hours
  • durable zippers and construction material

OGIO Chill 6-12 Can Cooler Bag

image of ogio chill 6-12 can cooler bag

One thing you need when you are golfing on a hot day is a cooler with durable and strong zippers. You do not want those zippers failing at the wrong moment. This top golf cooler not only has strong zippers that work, but it also holds up to 6 12 ounce cans of your favorite beverage.

On top of those features, the insulation and liner are leak-proof, making sure moisture and cold air do not get out. Plus, you have different pockets to hold snacks or golfing items. Those pockets are easily accessed.

The shoulder strap is adjustable, so anyone of any age can carry it. Don’t worry if this cooler gets a little dirty. The material is easy to clean.


  • lightweight and easy to clean
  • holds 6 12 ounce cans
  • adjustable strap for easy carrying
  • easy to access
  • tough and durable zippers

6IXPACK GOLF Insulated Cooler Bag

image of 6ixpack golf insulated cooler bag

This slim cooler bag holds 6 12- ounce cans and should be small enough to fit inside your golf bag.

Then the included reusable ice pack fits inside to keep those beverages cold while you play. A durable zipper securely holds those cans while they wait their turn to be consumed. Plus, the easy to grip handle makes moving this cooler from place to place simple and not too heavy on your shoulders or hands.

The 5mm thick closed-cell insulation makes sure the cold air remains inside. It should be leak-proof as well. Then if you need to pull things out of your pants pocket for a comfortable round of golf, there is a deep front pocket to hold those items you do not need while playing.


  • slim size
  • convenient to store in your golf bag
  • holds 6 cans or a bottle of wine
  • included ice pack
  • thick insulation

YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler

image of yeti hopper flip portable cooler

This cooler uses a closed-cell foam insulation to make sure your 12 cans of different drinks stay as cold as you want them. The combination of the waterproof exterior and leak-proof interior makes sure you do not get messy when using this golf cooler.

That exterior shell also resists mildew, abrasions, and punctures, making sure you will own this unit for along time. With a wide mouth at the top, you should have no trouble reaching in and grabbing one of those cans.

Plus, you have three ways to carry this cooler. By the shoulder strap, the easy to grab top handle, or you can use both hands and grab each of the side handles.


  • multiple carry options
  • large capacity
  • lots of colors to choose from
  • leak proof and waterproof construction materials
  • resists mildew

FlexiFreeze Freezable Golf Bar Cooler

image of flexifreeze freezable golf bar cooler

The concept is unique. The bag is built with approx. 60 reusable ice cubes in the lining, and all you do is pop this cooler in your freezer and pull it out when you are ready to leave for the golf course.

Then it holds about 4 cans only, but it is easy to use, and there is no muss or fuss when it comes to handling those ice cubes. The cooler’s small size allows you to slip it into the large side pocket on your golf bag.

No matter how long you take out on the golf course, this cooler keeps those beers nice and cool for up to 12 hours. When the cooler is empty, all you do is unzip the top and bottom zippers and fold it up for easy storage.


  • built-in reusable ice cubes
  • small size
  • easy to fold up and store
  • ice cubes last for about 12 hours
  • very convenient to use

Why a Golf Bag Cooler is Different From Regular Coolers

The big difference between the golf bag cooler and a regular one is that the former models do not look like coolers. They look like shoe bags, laptop bags, and some are just slim enough to hide in your golf bag pockets.

Regular coolers look like coolers and can arouse the suspicions of the golf course management. Most golf courses do not allow you to bring alcoholic beverages onto their golf courses, and regular coolers will tip your hand.

What are the Advantages of a Golf Bag Cooler?

There are several benefits you get from bringing your own cooler to the golf course. Here are just a few of those benefits:

  • you can save money
  • they are easy to carry
  • the coolers help you stay refreshed and hydrated
  • you can bring a variety of beverages
  • there is room for snacks in some of them

The Disadvantage of Using a Golf Bag Cooler

The main disadvantage is that if you are caught sneaking beers or other alcoholic drinks onto a golf course, you can be in trouble with the law. Each state, city, county, or golf club will have its own punishments, so check before you try.

It is illegal to bring and drink alcohol on a golf course, so be careful when you use these golf bag coolers. The golf course management reads these reviews also and know what their purpose is and what they look like.

Some final words

Golfing can be dangerous at times. On a hot day, there is always a chance of becoming dehydrated. That is something you should avoid at all costs. These top golf bag coolers will help you stay hydrated, refreshed, and healthy as you play.

Please be sure to visit again in the near future. We are adding reviews as often as possible, and look forward to helping you find the best golf gear, Clubs, Golf cart bags, products and accessories available.

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