Golf Alignment Stick Review

Years ago, golf alignment sticks were found in the bag of many PGA Professionals, but most amateur players did not use them. Today, things have changed, and even the highest handicap golfers recognize the benefits of these impressive alignment sticks.

If you are thinking of using alignment sticks in 2022, we have some of the best options on the market for your needs. In addition, we will provide some of our best tips and strategies to make sure you get full use of your alignment sticks.

Best Golf Alignment Sticks

GoSports Golf Alignment Training Sticks

image of gosports golf alignment training sticks

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GoSports Golf Alignment Training Sticks are our top overall golf alignment sticks. This set comes with three sticks that are 48 inches in length. The length is perfect for helping you work on both your target line and your swing path.

One of our favorite things about this best-selling option is the fact that the bright green color will really help the sticks stand out when they are on the ground. When you can see what you are doing during your drills, you will get much better results.


  • One of the most trusted training aids for golfers
  • Pack of three sticks gives you a wide range of uses
  • Foldable design so you can keep them in your bag


  • Watch for issues during shipping and broken sticks

SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks Training Aid with 3 Sticks

image of sklz golf alignment sticks training aid with 3 sticks

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The SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks are another great choice if you are looking for a high quality golf alignment stick. The best thing about the SKLZ alignment sticks is that they feature nine rings on each one. The rings can be used during golf training to ensure that you are getting your golf swing on the right path.

Regardless of the drill, you are trying to work on, the SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks can help. In addition, use this alignment stick to make sure you are heading to your target each time you play. The durability of the SKLZ sticks is quite high, and they will hold up even if you happen to hit one with a club.


  • Durable fiberglass rods
  • Helps golfers get their swing in the right position
  • Easy to set up with rings indicating where the swing path should be


  • Priced a bit higher than other golf alignment sticks

A Swing Alignment Rods 2-Pack by David Leadbetter

image of a swing alignment rods 2-pack by david leadbetter

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The A SWing golf alignment sticks are a perfect choice for a golfer looking to improve their game without the help of a golf professional. This two pack of alignment sticks come with a book of drills that will help you learn all of the things that you can practice with these sticks in place.

Whether you want to work on your swing plane, ball position, rotation, or your putting, the A Swing can do the trick. These are lightweight fiberglass, and you won’t have trouble keeping these in your bag when you are ready to start practicing. Sticking these in the ground is easy with the pointed tip.


  • Used by professionals to obtain the proper angle in their swings
  • Are great for practicing aim
  • UV Coated so there is less color fading
  • Available in many colors


  • A bit shorter than some other related brands

Callaway Alignment Stix Yellow

image of callaway alignment stix yellow

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Callaway is a trusted brand when it comes to golf equipment. If you are looking to correct an issue in your game, chances are Callaway will have a solution for you. The Callaway Alignment sticks are bright yellow and very easy for golfers to see. With the use of these two shock corded steel rods, you can ensure that your line is correct and you are always pointing your hips, shoulder, and stance towards your target.

One of the great things about the Callaway Alignment stick is that it comes with a tube that you can carry the sticks in. This will help to ensure that they stay in great shape for years to come. This is an affordable, effective solution for working on your golf game.


  • Comes with plastic storage tube
  • Helps you line your body to your target
  • Will correctly identify swing plane and path issues


  • Only comes as a pack of two
  • The steel is a bit hard if your shot or club makes contact with the stick

Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Stick

image of tour sticks golf alignment stick

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When golf alignment sticks first came to market, there were not too many companies that were making them. In fact, people were going to Home Depot and purchasing rods and sticks that had similar features so that they could practice efficiently. Tour Sticks was one of the first companies to come to market, and their product remains among the best on the market.

If you are particular about the color of the stick you purchase, Tour Sticks has a wide range of options. One end has a rubber cap on it, and the other end has a point. You can ensure that your lines are straight and that you are swinging on plane at the same time. These are classic alignment sticks built to help you improve everything from putting to backswing to feet position.


  • Many colors available
  • Have been on the market a long time
  • Helpful for a wide range of issues with your swing


  • Will break pretty easily if hit with a club

SHAUN WEBB Golf Alignment Sticks

image of shaun webb golf alignment sticks

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Shaun Webb Golf makes quite a few training and alignment aids that golfers of any handicap can use. With these golf alignment sticks, you can work on getting your feet, body, and hip all where it is supposed to be in the swing. Each of these three rods is 48 1/4 inches which are plenty of lengths to be able to see where you are aiming and get the proper features and positions.

These alignment sticks will fit in your golf bag, and they are going to make you so much more aware of how your swing works and what you need to do to improve. Shaun Webb offers many products to help you stay on track, but these are certainly among some of the best.


  • Easy to put in the ground
  • Can make a practice session more effective
  • Will let you know if you are set up square


  • No color selection

Asyxstar Golf Alignment Sticks

image of asyxstar golf alignment sticks

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If you are not sure if a golf alignment stick will work for your game, choosing something that is a bit lower in price may be a smart choice. The lower priced sticks will help to ensure that you don’t worry about the money spent if this is not a good fit for your game. The Asyxstar Golf Alignment sticks are a great choice for those that are looking for a fair price and a perfect backswing.

These compact sticks will fold into three sections, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking into your golf bag. In addition, there are many drills that you can use to help you aim and improve your rotation. Having the 48 inch length means that these sticks work for any height golfer.


  • Helps you learn to hit the ball straight
  • Makes practice sessions much more effective
  • Can set up a square and accurate golf stance
  • Very low pricing


  • With the lower pricing, the weight of these sticks is a little light

Ezee Golf Alignment Training Kit

image of ezee golf alignment training kit

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The Ezee Golf Alignment Training Kit is a unique option that will allow golfers to work on many different areas of their game. This set comes with eight different alignment stick options, and some are even in different shapes.

There are two 40 inch sticks, four 20 inch sticks, and two aluminum curved swing plane rods. With the combination of these different sticks, you can work on setting up so that you are parallel to your target and that your rotation is as it should be. We love that this kit can be used for both high and low handicap players that want to create a consistent and repeatable golf swing. If you know a new golfer that is very into drills and improving, this is a perfect gift to get them.


  • Great value for eight sticks
  • So many variations to how you can use these alignment sticks
  • Helpful when working on any type of drill


  • Can be a bit overwhelming to learn to use them all

The Best Golf Alignment Sticks are . . .

image of gosports golf alignment training sticks

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The best overall golf alignment stick is the GoSports Golf Alignment training pack. With these sticks, you will be able to work on the key functions of your game and correctly position your body for the highest chance of success.

We love that this comes as a pack of three so that you can keep sticks along the ground and in the ground while you are hitting your shots. If you want to fix some of the issues you have going in your swing, this is without a doubt a way to do it.

Buyers Guide

Now that you have information on the best alignment sticks on the market let’s look at some of the key properties of these sticks. Knowing what you are purchasing will help ensure these are sticks you keep in your bag for quite some time.


The length of the golf alignment sticks tends to be anywhere from 44 to 48 inches. You will want to make sure you choose something that provides the proper visual for your golf swing. The shorter sticks tend to get hidden by your body during the swing and make it a bit harder to focus and use them to help your shot.

Pointed End

A golf alignment stick with a pointed end means that you will have no trouble sticking it into the ground. The pointed end allows you to stay on the line and ensure your backswing is properly on plane. The pointed end may have a cap that you can add, but it is important to make this easier to put into the ground.

Number of Sticks In Set

Most of the time, sets of alignment sticks are sold as two or three sticks. To get the club and your stance on the right line, it’s helpful to have more than one alignment stick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that golfers tend to ask PG Golf Links about golf alignment sticks and the way that they can impact their game.

Can You Use Alignment Sticks For More Than Aiming?

Golf alignment sticks are used for proper body position, making sure your feet are parallel to your target, keeping your swing plane on track, and allowing for a proper angle through impact. There are essentially endless opportunities to improve your game using a golf alignment stick.

Are Alignment Sticks Good For Putting Drills?

Alignment sticks are great for practicing your putting. When we make putts, we want to ensure they are headed straight towards the intended target. For golfers who use a straight back and straight through a stroke, the alignment sticks are a brilliant solution.

Do High Handicappers Need Alignment Sticks?

High handicappers are always working on improving their game and lowering their scores. This is why high handicappers need to use alignment sticks to find the proper drills to work on their swing. Having alignment sticks in the ground during a practice session will make the session more effective and worth the time you spend.

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