Best Golf Pitching Wedge of 2021

The main focus of most of the golfers is on woods and irons. What several of them don’t understand is that wedges are an essential part of the golf set as they improve the short game. The role of the wedges comes in when you are within 100 yards from the hole. Generally, manufacturers sell pitching wedge as a part of an iron set. You can understand pitching wedge as a subset of irons which has a high loft. This wedge has the capability to launch the golf ball to a great height. The loft of the pitching wedge is usually around 46 to 48 degrees. For higher loft, there are other wedges available (Sand, Gap, Lob wedge). Each one of them offers a unique advantage to make your golfing experience even better.

So, if you are thinking to buy your first pitching wedge or replace your previous wedge, you have been using from several years, and getting confused which one is best for you, then you are at the right place. We are here to help you out with our list of best pitching wedges and a buyer’s guide to help you choose the wedge that will suit your game the most. 

Our Picks For The Best Pitching Wedges

Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge

Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge

Number one on our list of best pitching wedges is the Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedges. This pitching wedge tops our list for a variety of reasons.

The first thing that I liked about this wedge is one can buy it individually. There is no need to buy an entire set of Cleveland wedges just to get a pitching wedge. The company offers this wedge in a number of loft options which start from 46 degrees. That’s the right loft option to start from.

If you find this club suitable for you then you can purchase this wedge in various lofts and make your own high-performance wedge set. The wedge also comes with a hollow cavity design. This means you will enjoy the forgiveness of a cavity back wedge.

The CBX 2 wedge comes with a sole grind which is a universal option. It offers you the versatility to play shots from various types of lies and different turfs.

If we talk about the feel of this wedge, it is simply amazing as the company adds a certain type of insert in it to reduce its vibration during the impact. With this wedge, you will enjoy the feel of a tour wedge together with the forgiveness similar to a cavity back iron.

When it comes to grooves, then the Cleveland is consistent with the tour zip grooves which it has been using from several years. So, if you are looking for a wedge that works well on the green and do wonders from the fairway too, then Cleveland CBX 2 will be a perfect choice for you. This wedge serves mid to high handicappers really well.


  • Feel is amazing just like a tour wedge.
  • Several loft options available.
  • Comes with tour zip grooves.
  • Works nicely on the green as well as from the fairway.
  • Covers good distance.


  • Not an appropriate option for low handicappers.

Callaway Men’s RogueX Pitching Wedge

Callaway Men's Rogue X PW

If you are a golf lover and have some knowledge about the game then you must have heard the name of Callaway. It is one of the leading companies in the golfing industry and is known for its high-quality products. The Callaway Men’s Rogue X Pitching Wedge is also one of the highest selling products of the company. 

When it comes to wedges, most of the times, a pitching wedge is considered as a part of an iron set. This Rogue X wedge is also a part of the set. But, the good news is, you can also purchase it individually. If you are at mid to high handicap level then this wedge will be a good option for you. It is because it offers both distance as well as forgiveness.

The Rogue X may not be a specialist in playing lofted shots like the CBX 2, but it is an excellent option for pitch and run. This wedge is also known for its distance coverage. It is amongst the longest golf sets of the Callaway. In our buyer’s guide, we discussed the concept of matching of the clubs because consistency can make a huge difference. Well, you can pair this wedge with Callaway Mack Daddy wedges whose loft option starts from 50 degrees. The combination of both models will provide you with a great feel. Additionally, combining these two wedges will complete your set of wedges as Mack Daddy is not available in 46 and 48 degrees loft option.

The manufacturers have kept the center of gravity of this Rogue X iron very low. For improving the distance, the company keeps the loft, of this modern set of irons, adjusted a few degrees down. Even after the adjustment of the loft, the positioning of the center of gravity helps the golfer to hit the ball high.

If you are thinking to take your game to the next level and want to upgrade your irons by adding a high-performance wedge, then Rogue X is your best bet.


  • Plenty of forgiveness due to 350 Face Cup and VFT.
  • Amazing feel, thanks to Urethane Microspheres.
  • An ideal wedge for mid to high handicappers.
  • Low lofted wedge for improvement in distance.
  • Low center of gravity.


  • For a good launch, the golfer would require a fast swing speed otherwise you may face some trouble with the shot.

Cleveland RTX 4 Pitching Wedge

Cleveland RTX 4 Pitching Wedge

You must be thinking that why we are back to Cleveland wedges. The truth is Cleveland constructs one of the finest clubs to improve the short game that the golf world has ever seen. The RTX 4 wedges are also a part of the Cleveland’s finest clubs list.

The RTX 4 is available in various sole grind options along with a number of loft options. You are lucky, that amongst many loft options, two are 46 and 48 degrees options which will serve well you as a pitching wedge.

The best thing about the RTX pitching wedge is that you can add other wedges (sand, gap, and lob) too if you like it. This way you will have your complete RTX wedge set. The benefit of this is the consistency in the feel which will result in an increase of confidence level of the golfer. 

The previously discussed CBX wedge is more of a mid to high handicappers wedge. But, this is not the case with the RTX wedges. These wedges come with a blade style design which works best for the mid to low handicappers.

This Cleveland wedge comes with a progressive shaping. It means that more you move close to the wedge, better the feel of the blade you will get. The construction of the wedge is more like an iron which works perfectly for a pitching wedge.

If you have some golf knowledge then you must be knowing that a good short game can change the whole scoreboard to your favour. It is that part of the game that can take you way ahead from your competitors. Keeping this in mind, the company incorporates tour zip grooves in this wedge. These grooves help in producing a high level of spin that can aid you in winning the short game.

So, if you are looking for a complete set of wedges, then you can go for the entire RTX lineup. 


  • A good option for mid to low handicappers.
  • Progressive shaping for better feel.
  • Tour zip grooves for high-level of spin.
  • A number of loft options available.
  • Soul and bounce options are also there (High, Mid, and Low bounce).


  • It is pretty expensive as the technology is newer.

Mazel Golf Pitching And Chipper Wedge

MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge

When our budget is tight then the choices of the clubs start decreasing. The clubs start to stray away from the conventional tour-level design. But, we are happy to bring for you a decent pitching wedge choice at an affordable price, i.e., Mazel Golf Pitching and Chipper wedge. By looking at its design, you may feel that this wedge is not a tour-level design and might be illegal. But, we assure you that the wedge is actually tournament legal.

It may not seem like the most attractive club out there, but it is a good choice for those golfers who struggle playing pitch shots. Golfers who have the habit of hitting fat or thin pitches will enjoy the benefits of this club the most.

For a pitching wedge, the best loft option would be 45 degrees and Mazel offers you that. You can even hit full swing shots using this wedge, but we recommend you to mostly use it around the green only.

The clubhead of this Mazel wedge is heavy which is a good thing as the golfer can develop his feel around the green. The wedge also comes with a sharp leading edge which helps in improving the turf interaction. This means you can use it to get out of the bunker too. But, we recommend you to let the sand and lob wedge do their work to help you escape from the bunker.

Sometimes, the high bounce may not be suitable for the golfers and can work against them. Mazel has got you covered in this department as it is not a high bounce wedge.

So, golfers who are searching a non-expensive budget-friendly decent wedge and who can bear a non-traditional look, can go for this Mazel pitching wedge.


  • It may look non-traditional, but it is absolutely legal for the tournament.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Suitable for pitch shots.
  • A nice option for high handicappers.


  • In the spin department, it is not so good.

Square Strike Pitching And Chipping Wedge

Square Strike Wedge

Senior golfers struggle in hitting a perfect shot. the most common mis-hit they perform is hitting the ball and chunking it a little. So, if you are looking for a pitching wedge that can make the chunk shots simply impossible, then nothing can beat this Square Strike pitching wedge.

It is another one of our non-traditional looking pitching wedges, but this one is also a legal golf club. It has got an extra-wide sole along with bevelled leading edge which keeps it from digging. This means that there will be no more chunked pitch shots. 

In addition to this, it offers a heavy and solid feel which boosts the confidence of the player. It comes with a length of 35.5 inches and also has an anti-rotational weighting which makes it easy to swing and improves control too. 

You don’t have to open your stance to hit a great shot. You simply have to go for straight-back-straight through, just like a putter, for better accuracy and control.

You can perform chip shots from a variety of lies using this wedge. It is also a perfect club for bump and run shots. It is a nice wedge that can glide smoothly through the turf resulting in less pressure on the hand and wrists. This makes it an ideal wedge for senior golfers.


  • Easy to control and hit.
  • Minimum possibility to hit a chunk shot.
  • Affordable.
  • Heavy and solid feel.


  • Not suitable for roughs and bunkers.


Choosing a wedge that serves you the best and compliments your game can be an exhaustive task. But, with our guide and top picks, we are trying to help you choose the best pitching wedges.

We know that there are a lot of companies out there which produce amazing pitching wedges. But, in our view, Cleveland wedges are the most appealing to the golfers at all the levels.

We recommend you to go for Cleveland CBX or RTX wedges as per your handicap level. Both of these Cleveland wedges offer the right amount of spin as well as forgiveness that you need to get the work done. Cleveland also offers one of the most reasonable priced wedges in the market. So pick a nice pitching wedge and enjoy your game.

Buying Guide To Choose The Best Pitching Wedges

I have already mentioned that generally pitching wedges are sold as a component of the iron set. But, this does not mean that you cannot buy it separately. If you are a newbie then the first wedge that you should master is a pitching wedge. If you are a golf player who is looking to upgrade his/her short game by taking the ball flight control as well as spin to the next level, then it’s time for you to upgrade your pitching wedge.

So, here are some of the considerations that you must keep in your mind while making the final decision regarding your wedge.


There has been a considerable change in the loft of the pitching wedge over the years. The standard loft of a pitching wedge was around 46 to 48 degrees. Well, this is not the case anymore.

The competition between the club manufacturers to offer the golfers longer distance has changed the loft greatly. As the loft kept on changing through the years, the gap between the pitching wedge and sand wedge became huge. This results in a vast stretch of yardages which may not be convenient for many golfers. That’s why several golfers now buy a complete iron set and then add pitching wedges of different degrees to it.

So, it has become necessary for the golfers to pay attention to the loft of the pitching wedge before buying it. Always pick the loft option that can improve your game and suits you the most.


Is it really important that all of your wedges should match? Well, I asked this question to some low handicappers. Most of them believe that if all of the wedges in your kit match then it can make a huge difference to your game. But, how? The simple answer is the consistency that you’ll get from one wedge to another.

Let’s understand how consistency or matching of wedges can affect a golfer’s gameplay. If there is consistency in the equipment that you use, then there will be consistency in the feel too. The consistency in feel results in a boost in the level of confidence of a golfer whether he belongs to any handicap level. Increase in the confidence level with the wedge leads to a confident shot down on the green. 

So I hope, now, you may have understood, how this cycle works. Matching of wedges and their consistency can have a huge impact on your game. So, you should take your time to decide between wedges. Just like the decision you make when you are buying a fancy new driver.

Pitch Or Chip

One should select the pitching wedge as per its use. You should consider, whether you’ll be using the pitching wedge for more pitch shots or the chip shots. So, let’s understand what the difference between the two is. This is a common question that most of the golfers ask while playing or teaching golf. 

In simple words, the main difference between the two is that the chip rolls and the pitch stops. In case of a pitch, the ball remains in the air for a long period, but when it lands on the green, it rolls for just a few feet (or not at all), and then stops. When you chip, the ball remains in the air for a short period and when it lands, it rolls the rest of the way.

A golfer needs to master both types of shots to lower his/her score. You can play both chip and pitch shots using a pitching wedge. So, select the wedge wisely as per your gaming style.


When it comes to the shaft, there can be two options, steel and graphite. Keep in mind that you will want to match your PW’s shaft with the rest of the golf clubs in your set. If you are using steel shaft clubs then you should stick with the steel shaft when choosing the pitching wedge too.

If you are using graphite shaft clubs then go for graphite shaft throughout your wedges. However, you may go for steel shafts for sand and lob wedges.

In my view, steel shafts are best for wedges. It is because they provide much accuracy and control over the ball. As we know, we use wedges when the golf ball is closer to the cup or just 100 yards away. So, at such short distance accuracy is very necessary and that can be attained using a steel shaft pitching wedge.


When it comes to the price of a pitching wedge, you need to consider a few factors first.

Firstly, if you are a beginner, go for a decent pitching wedge with basic features and a non-expensive one. Many golfers believe that an expensive pitching wedge with a variety of features, that professionals use, can help them improve their game. Well, that’s not the case at all. As a beginner, the basic aim is to learn how the pitching wedge works and how can it help you get on the green. So, don’t go for an expensive pitching wedge and select the one with nice quality that can get the work done.

Another thing to consider is the type of shaft you are choosing. Graphite shafts tend to be expensive than steel ones. It is not a tactic that manufacturers use to rip you off. Graphite is actually an expensive material which increases the price of your pitching wedge.

It will be wise to spend around $80 to $180 on a new pitching wedge. Remember, the main aim is the performance of the wedge that can help you score low. If you get a pitching wedge that suits your game then it will be money well spent.

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