Best Golf Lob Wedge For 2021 – Buying Guide

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what is the Best Lob Wedges, then we recommend the Cleveland RTX 4 as the best one.

Are you struggling to get your golf ball out of a sand bunker? Or do you want to recover from the deep woods? Well, this is the situation where you want to use the best lob wedges.

A lob wedge is an essential club which helps you get out of the greenside bunkers. It generally has a loft of around 60 degrees and it is a perfect club to use when stuck in sand bunkers and tight pin placement.

Over the years, the lob wedge has come a long way and has become an important part of the golf game. It has become more forgiving as well as accessible for almost all type of handicappers. It is a nice club for short games where you want to play a shot of 50 to 60 yards. It hits the ball high in the air and lands it softly on the green.  You will have a great advantage using a lob wedge when you want to create a ton of spin and dig out of the deep rough.

So, we have put together a list of best lob wedges and a buyer’s guide to help you understand the factors to consider for picking up an ideal lob wedge.

Buyer’s Guide To Pick The Best Lob Wedges

Benefits Of Using A Lob Wedge

The golfers mostly use the lob wedge around the green. We have all come across situations when you are a bunker away and the pin placement is also very tight. So, what to do in such a situation? Here comes the role of a lob wedge. To get out of such a situation, you need a wedge with the highest loft possible. A lob wedge will help you in hitting the ball over the obstacle and land the ball right on the green softly.

Backspin is another important thing which you can do easily using the lob wedge. Backspin is not a point of concern for beginners. They don’t even know how to do it or how they can use it for their benefit. But, as you get little used to with game and become better at hitting, backspin becomes an important thing for you. You may never think of hitting a shot that takes the ball 10 yards past the pin to observe whether the ball moves backwards again after landing on the surface. But, it is a vital thing to do for a PGA professional. It seems like a string is pulling the ball backwards. It is necessary because the backspin enables the ball to stop on a dime. It makes the ball role just 3 yards instead of 12 or 20 yards.

Another situation where a lob wedge can do wonders is when you are 50 to 75 yards away from the green. To deal with such a situation, you may think of taking out a 7 iron or half swinging a pitching wedge. However, when you learn the art of using the lob wedge correctly with your wrists, you will always prefer to use it to get on the green. The right flick of the wrist and the skill of perfectly getting under the ball using the lob wedge makes you hit an ideal shot. It will be a shot, that you can brag about in front of your friends.

All in all, a lob wedge is a versatile club that you will enjoy hitting with. It is your saviour to get you out of tough lies and when you are stuck behind a bunker.

The Basic Criteria To Evaluate A Lob Wedge

As you will understand the game of golf more, you will realize the importance of a lob wedge. It is a great club that helps you get a great score and serves you well in precarious conditions during the game. So, to get the best out of a lob wedge, you need to consider a few factors while making a purchase decision.


Spin is one of the most vital aspects to consider while evaluating a lob wedge. It is the spin which has a great impact on the ability to stop a golf ball rolling on the green. Even the height of the shot greatly depends on the amount of spin.

Spin is an important factor to consider while choosing all the clubs. But, in case of a lob wedge, spin becomes more vital to gauge as this wedge hits the ball higher than other wedges. It is because of the higher loft that a lob wedge offers.

The amount of spin depends on the contact of the lob wedge’s face to the cover of the golf ball. There are grooves present on the face of the club which, on contact, elevates the rate of spin. It is the major reason behind professional golfers using a fresh wedge for every tournament because a fresh club will have sharp grooves. Sharp grooves mean better spin.

Height Of The Shot

The main purpose for which golfers use a lob wedge is around the green for short shots. Generally, when the ball is stuck in rough or sand. But, it doesn’t mean that you cannot hit long shots using the lob wedge. You can also hit longer shots with it which makes it a versatile club. During a longer shot, the wedge allows the golfer to lift the ball at a good height in the air. Along with good height, the ball lands softly on the green. A golfer with experience can hit a shot of around 70 to 80 yards using a lob wedge.

The loft of a lob wedge varies between 60 to 64 degrees which makes it difficult to use for a short pitch shot directly into the hole. However, the lob wedge is a great choice if you want to clear a bunker or even a hill to get on the green.


The response of a lob wedge is another necessary factor that every golfer should take into account. It is because, as the golfer becomes more comfortable in using clubs, his/her level of confidence boosts around the green. We all know that the lob wedge is for short game and it is where the players with experience make the difference in the final score. So, it is important to become a master in playing with lob wedge because it will help you win the short game.

The lob wedge which low handicappers use comes with a concentrated sweet spot. Handling such a lob wedge demands a high level of accuracy. The club requires high precision for better control to get the spin which the golfer desires. Developing confidence in a club needs some productive time to be spent on the course. A golfer needs time to gain experience for understanding the feel of a good shot from the response of the wedge. The beginners can judge the response at the moment of impact.


Don’t think that the feel of a lob wedge and the response of a lob wedge is one and the same thing. One judges the response at the moment of impact, but, the feel is all about judging the club throughout the swing. When we talk about the feel of the lob wedge, the first thing that a golfer feels is his impression of the club. The impression when the golfer holds the lob wedge for the first time.

On holding the club, the golfer takes into account its balance, weight, as well as the shape of the club. All these components assist the golfer to take the feel of the lob wedge.

Weight of the lob wedge is the most important component while understanding the feel of the wedge. Most of the weight of a lob wedge is in the sole of the club. It is because manufacturers attempt to assist the golfer to keep the wedge low to get a perfect hit. A perfect contact of the sole of the wedge to the ball results in an ideal shot.


We can understand the balance of the lob wedge as how the club responds as well as feels through the impact of the golf ball. For instance, a golfer may feel that the balance of the wedge is not good when he notices some issues with hosel or the toe. He may notice that the hosel or toe is not seeing a uniform and a clean divot, it enters the turf area first.

Balance is a crucial factor to consider while evaluating a lob wedge because a clean contact with the ball is very necessary. Clean contact becomes even more essential when the ball is stuck in a tough area of the course. The lob wedge has got a wide sole which cuts through high grass and sand to deliver the correct strength to the golf ball.

Product Reviews Of The Best Lob Wedges

1. Cleveland RTX 4

The Cleveland RTX is at number one of our list. It is a new wedge that the company has introduced in the market. The wedge has got a traditional blade-style design along with a thin leading edge. The best thing about this wedge is that it comes in various loft option along with three different types of finishes. So, the golfer can pick the one which suits him the most. As per my opinion, the most ideal loft for a lob wedge is around 58 to 60 degrees.

This wedge has the capability to benefit the full range of players. It is because the company offers four different bounce options in this wedge. You can choose between high bounce, standard bounce, low bounce, as well as x-low bounce. There is no harm in picking a wedge with some extra bounce if you are looking for better turf interaction. However, if you are looking forward to playing on short-grass, then you may think of going for a wedge with low bounce.

When we look at the sole grinds, manufacturers don’t give you options to choose between various sole grinds. Instead, they offer V-shaped sole grinds in all the variants of this lob wedge which works really well.

Talking about the grooves, Cleveland is using its most aggressive grooves in this wedge, i.e., Tour Zip Grooves. These grooves are well-made and provide ultimate control as well as spin. They are efficient enough to assist the golfer of any handicap level.

The RTX 4 lob wedge comes with the progressive shaping technology. So, while making a shot, as you move closer to the club, you will experience better spin around the green.

If you are looking for a wedge that can help you improve your score in a short game, then this wedge is for you. All the finishes of this RTX wedge are very attractive and nice looking. In the past, the colour of the clubs used to fade, but this wedge would stay looking good for a long time.


  • Tour Zip Grooves for better control.
  • Outstanding spin as well as feel.
  • Various bounce options are available.
  • Available in a variety of finishes.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Low handicappers may not prefer this club. It is a nice option for mid to low handicappers.

2. Titleist Vokey SM7

Titleist is one of those companies which have a reputable name in the golf industry. Over the years, it has introduced one of the most efficient lob wedges ever made. So, if you are listening to the name, Titleist Vokey wedge, for the first time, then you must be new to the game of golf.

Are you looking for a leading lob wedge that can offer you great spin as well as control as per your preference? Then, the Titleist Vokey SM7 is your best bet. I like the loft option given by the company in this wedge. You can choose between 62-degree loft and 58 to 60-degree loft. If you like to keep a gap of around 4 to 6 degrees between your wedges, then this SM7 wedge has got the best options available.

Titleist makes some changes and updates their wedges in every few years. The main update that they do on their wedges is relating to the grooves as well as the spin. The company use Spin Milled grooves on its wedges, and they try to make them better. This allows the golfer to make the ball spin and stop as they desire, even when hitting from the worst lies.

If you are thinking to purchase this Titleist wedge, then first do some more research. It is because there a variety of loft and grind options available in this wedge. The issue that I came across is that some of the loft options are not available together with particular grind options.

The most essential thing that you should consider before picking any variant of this wedge is where you are going to use it. If you are looking forward to mainly use it to get your ball out of fluffy bunkers, then you should go for high bounce loft. If you are thinking to use it when stuck in hardpan bunkers, then low bounce wedge will work well for you. If, like the majority of the golfers, you have no idea regarding which bounce will be good, opt for a mid-bounce wedge.

Another good thing that company offers with this wedge is a clear guide relating to the sole grind. The guide suggests you which sole grind will prove to be best for you. If you are thinking to manipulate the clubface for hitting a nice shot, then there is a sole grind that can help you do so. If you mainly use the wedge for bunkers, there is a grind to assist you in that. If you follow simple mechanism and stick to simple chipping method, then there is a grind available for that too. Once you get familiar with the sole grind and bounce system, it will become easy for you to pick a wedge that will benefit you the most.


  • Best value for the money.
  • Top-notch feel and spin.
  • Spin Milled grooves for better control and spin.
  • Variety of bounce and sole options available.
  • Comes in different loft options.


  • Mainly for low handicappers.

3. Cleveland CBX 2

Where the Titleist Vokey is catering to the needs of low handicap players, the CBX is there for the golfer who struggles in short games. CBX was a successful wedge of Cleveland. Keeping that in mind, the manufacturers introduced an improved version in the form of CBX 2. This lob wedge has a loft of 60 degrees and is available in just one finish.

You don’t have to get confused in choosing between different sole and bounce options, like the Titleist wedge. For offering maximum performance, Cleveland has got the sole as well as bounce set for each of the CBX 2 wedges.

Having a wedge that not only helps you with the short game but also assists you in playing long shots is a great thing. Keeping this in mind, the manufacturers make this wedge with cavity back design. This design aids in hitting full swing shots.

Cleveland’s CBX 2 is a progressive type of wedge. It means that the lob wedge will provide more spin than the gap or the pitching wedge. Nice spin will help you to hit a shot with this 60-degree wedge that stops and stays wherever it lands without rolling much further.

If you are one of those golfers who find it difficult to get out of a bunker, then this wedge will be a perfect match for you. Even if you struggle with stopping your golf ball, the low center of gravity of this club along with nice grooves helps you to play the shot you desire.


  • Highly forgiving making it ideal for mid to high handicappers.
  • No bounce and grind options make it less confusing to pick the wedge.
  • Low center of gravity.
  • Cavity back design assists in hitting full swing shots.


  • The clubhead is a little larger than usual which the low handicappers may not prefer to use.

4. Pinemeadow PGX

If your golf bag lacks a lob wedge and you know that your game is getting affected due to this then its time for you to invest in a Pinemeadow PGX. It is one of the most budget-friendly options available out there.

The Pinemeadow PGX has got a classic design that will help you hit shots effortlessly. It is a blade-style wedge which the company offers in a few loft options. However, there are no such options available in the bounce or sole department. The golfer can open or close the wedge as per his preference to hit a shot that he/she desires. This makes this Pinemeadow PGX a versatile wedge.

If we look at the shaft of this wedge, then the Pinemeadow PGX has got a standard steel uni-flex type shaft. I do agree that it is not the strongest option available in the market, but at such a non-expensive price, its worth it. If your swing speed is fast, then I would recommend you to use a heavy/stiff shaft.

This wedge is a good option for amateurs or beginners who are at a high handicap level. It is an average wedge that can get the work done but does not offer the best spin or feel while hitting a shot.


  • Budget-friendly price.
  • A worthy addition to the bag of a high handicapper.
  • Easy to use.
  • Versatile wedge.


  • Feel and spin are not up to mark in comparison to other options present in this list.

5. Callaway Mack Daddy Forged Chrome Wedge

Callaway is one of the top companies of the golfing industry. With years of experience and proper research, the company has brought out the most efficient clubs of all time. Callaway forges this Mack Daddy Chrome wedge with signature styling and high-end tour performance. The main aim is to offer a wedge with excellent control reinforced by highly-structured club shaping. Additionally, the company has also given importance to the progressive center of gravity as well as weight.

The golfers mainly use a golf wedge to get out of the rough or sand. For doing so, one needs to hit the ball high enough and make it land softly on the ground. By using this Callaway wedge, you will enjoy low-centred trajectory which not only results in better control but also offers the greatest height.

As we have already discussed in our buyer’s guide, the importance of spin in a lob wedge. The Mack Daddy flaunts 16-groove design. You will notice an extra groove closer to the leading edge. It results in achieving additional spin at the time of pitches or chips.

For providing a more precise shot, the manufacturers offer this wedge with a crescent sole. It helps in scoring well during a short game. The manufacturers even make use of the 1025 C steel for providing a perfect feel as well as consistent performance. What makes this club more efficient is its striking finish of nickel together with the brushed slate.


  • Progressive center of gravity as well as weight.
  • Fantastic control.
  • Additional spin using the 16-groove design.
  • Durable construction.


  • Some golfer may find it difficult to adjust with the feel of this uniquely-designed club.

6. TaylorMade Golf Big Foot Wide Sole Wedge

For senior golfers, with the advancing age, it becomes difficult to swing the club fast. They might find their clubs heavier. So, when it comes to senior golfers, one need to choose the wedge which is lightweight and easy to hit too. The good news is, TaylorMade Golf Big Foot Wide Sole Wedge is a perfect option for senior golfers. It is highly forgiving which means the golfer will be able to cover a decent distance even during an off-center shot. There is the use of graphite shaft too which makes the wedge light in weight.

It is not a low-cost option as we all know that graphite shafts are expensive than the steel shafts. The wedge comes with milled grind option too which offers an amazing feel for improving the short game.

The lightweight and high forgiveness are not the only things that make this wedge prominent for seniors. It is a high-quality wedge which offers plenty of spin which improves the short game of senior golfers.

The wide sole grind of the wedge helps in getting out of the bunker even if the golfer has a slow swing speed.


  • Graphite shaft makes the wedge lightweight.
  • Highly forgiving wedge.
  • Wide sole grind.
  • Heal/toe design which makes the wedge versatile.


  • Expensive

Final Words

Over the years, lob wedges have come a long way. Now they provide amazing control, tremendous spin, and forgiveness too. Our favourite choice in this list of best lob wedges is the Cleveland RTX 4. It is blade style wedge which offers sufficient forgiveness which assists the mid handicappers to improve their game. The tour zip grooves provide nice spin and good control. It is reasonably priced too.

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