5 Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers in 2021

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what is the Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers, then we recommend the TaylorMade M4 Driver as the best one.

For players seeking to climb the ladder of handicap, golf is not just hitting the ball around and enjoying it. Hitting the ball off the tee Is frustrating and that often happens with most amateur and mid handicappers. To excel in the game as a mid handicapper, it is important to invest in the necessary equipment that will help you improve your game. Let us help you find the best golf driver for mid handicapper.

Why Getting A Good Driver Is Important?

As you improve your golf handicap, you will realize the importance of investing in a good driver. Once you have played with a high-quality driver, you would not want to go back to random clubs. Well, who would not want to hit longer and straighter shots?

But we also know that even for pro players, you cannot completely avoid mishits. Whether you are an experienced or beginner golfer, driving the ball straight to the hole without deflecting it left or right on hitting is a challenge. Mid handicappers, particularly, are more likely to strike mishits and slice shots. With a good driver, however, you can greatly reduce the negative effects off the tee, hit accurate shots with consistent spin and get a good score especially for longer holes.

Golf equipment manufacturers develop a variety of adjustable and nonadjustable drivers. They keep introducing the latest technology in production and innovation in designs to suit the requirements of a wide range of players. A golfer of a particular skill set has distinguished strengths and weaknesses and they are all translated into the driver design to help the players overcome the shortfalls and reduce their handicap faster.

What to Look for In A Golf Driver for Mid Handicappers?

Hitting the ball off the tee Is frustrating and that often happens when you cannot adjust your driver. Fortunately, the golf equipment manufacturers lay a lot of emphasis in introducing innovation and new technology to the drivers. They are designed to provide you the most distance and help golfers of all levels gain more success off tee. Let us explore some factors you should consider, as a mid-handicapper, when buying the best golf drivers:


The best way to choose a good golf driver if you want a good command on the game is to go with brands. The technology and craftsmanship that is employed by brands is unmatched and there is no way an off-brand driver can compete with that. Within the brands too, some are more popular than others. It comes down to your preference and which option you find most comfortable.

Loft Options

The angle of the clubface with ground is called the loft. The angle measurement of less than 10 degrees results in lower ball flight whereas greater angles give higher arching shots. The loft of drivers ranges from 8-12 degrees. The lofts of standard drivers are usually 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5. Mid handicap players should go with 10.5 to get that extra forgiveness.

Low loft drivers are harder to control and are better used by experienced golfers. The beginners, however, should stick to higher angles till they get accustomed. But playing at higher loft reduces distance and the best way to overcome it is by adjusting the Center of gravity. Many drivers are equipped with a twistable collar close to the club head to adjust loft angle and center of gravity.

Clubhead Size

By golf rules, the size of the club head has a limit of 460 cubic meters. The size of the driver corresponds to the volume of the club. Drivers with a larger sized club have more area and more moment of inertia and thus perform well for both distance and off center hit correction.

Shaft Options

While most companies manufacture shafts with length between 43 to 48 inches, maximum length allowed as per golf rules is 48 inches. Short shafts are easy to control while longer ones have an added advantage of generating more distance.

Many drivers nowadays are sold with interchangeable shafts, which is a great feature for several players. New players will benefit from interchangeable shafts as they can begin with lighter and forgiving shafts and later switch to more skilled ones. Similarly, switching from stiff to senior shaft becomes easy.

Shaft Flex

The flex levels vary for different players depending upon your swing speed. Most golfers prefer following flex options corresponding to the swing speeds:

  • Senior Flex (A): 70-80 mph
  • Regular Flex (R): 80-90 mph
  • Stiff Flex (S):90-100 mph
  • Extra Stiff Flex (X): 100 plus mph

Weight of Club head

The weight range of most modern drivers is 265g to 310 grams. Lighter the driver, higher the club head speed and more will be the distance generated. However, strong players who may efficiently use a heavy driver without compromising the club’s speed, will achieve even better distance.

Some drivers are introducing the technology of adjusting weights. Let us talk about draw -fade bias weight here, very common terms you will hear as you dive deeper into the technicalities of golf. Draw- fade bias weights are usually placed toward the heel and toe of the club head to control the opening of clubface to target. More weight to the heel results in draw bias. Similarly, more weight toward toe creates fade bias. As a midcap per, you would know what kind of shots are you inclined to hit and you should look for drivers that are weighted in a way to neutralize the negative impact of your hits.


As most industries have modernized and moved on to adjustable and customizable products, so has the game of Golf. Contrary to the wooden drivers that were used years ago, modern drivers come with some form of adjustability. Now you do not have to buy a new driver if you want to adjust it for a different variable. Now we have clubs that fit in everything a player would need.

Adjustable drivers are designed to minimize the impact of mishits. For instance, shots that go off center reduce the distance. Similarly, you can minimize the error that causes slice shots and send the ball to the right or left. Adjustable drivers help you make required corrections and are very much needed by golfers of all skill levels


As you tread the path of becoming a more seasoned golfer, you should be prepared to invest in a good driver than a beginner level player. But we have included options that would suit a range of budgets.

5 Best Golf Drivers for Mid Handicappers

Now that you know the importance of a good driver for mid handicappers and things you need to look for when buying one, let’s move on a step further. Keeping the above-mentioned factors in consideration, we have put together a list of the 5 Best Golf Drivers for Mid handicappers. Without further delay, let’s dive into the reviews. Stay with us as we go into details of our choices. Hopefully, by the end of the review, you will find the one that suits your need and style:

1. TaylorMade M4 Driver

One of the best driver choices for mid handicappers is the TaylorMade M4 Driver. TaylorMade is a brand name well known in the Golf world for making top notch golf equipment. The M series is particularly popular. Unlike the M2 that suits more to the need of amateur players, golfers moving from high to mid handicapper should switch to M4. The brand makes M4 versions for men, ladies, left-hand and right-hand players.

M4 is designed with many customizable options. The shaft is made of graphite and you can choose among various flex choices including senior, stiff, regular, and x stiff. The regular option that comes with this driver is 65 grams. The club head is 460 cc in size with a hammerhead slot that makes it light while increasing the sweet spot. Moreover, it comes with loft adjustability and you can choose loft angles of 9.5,10.5 and 12.

The driver gives a nice combination of lift, distance, and forgiveness. For a player who has an average swing speed, the driver increases the distance off tee. It is also great to minimize the impact of mishits and will make your shots go straighter. All in all, it is a very impressive driver from TaylorMade.

Key Features

  • The face curvature reduces spin and deliver straight hits
  • More loft in high toe than in low heel to allow a more consistent spin
  • Hammerhead slot makes a lighter and flexible club head with a large sweet spot
  • Slot center enhances ball speed, reduces unwanted spin, and increases the distance of hits
  • more flexible face, resulting in a larger sweet spot
  • Geocoustic technology is used to shape clubhead to give a more solid sound on impact

What We Liked

  • Twist face
  • Consistent side spin reduces effect of off-center hits
  • Massive sweet spot
  • 3 loft options
  • Great sound and feel

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some buyers faced problems with what they ordered and what was delivered, so make sure you mark the right options

2. Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver

The driver is a good option for a wide range of players, but mostly for those who are aware of the game. It is especially designed by Callaway, combining the Jailbreak and Flash Face Technology, for slower swing speed. With flash face technology, you can get a higher ball speed and thus more distance.

Along with a flash face, Callaway also combines Jail break technology to stabilize and stiffen the crown that gives speed to the ball on impact. The driver comes with 3 premium shaft offerings: Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue, Project X Even Flow Green, and Project X HZRDUS Smoke.

Well suited to the need of mid handicap golfers due to the feature of enhanced forgiveness incorporated into this model by Callaway. However, for low handicap players, other developed models will be more useful.

The design is unique and is made to deliver the highest level of performance for seasoned golfers. Most of the features that you would want to alter on the driver are adjustable including the weight and loft. The adjustable weight feature is particularly easy to use with the 16 gram sliding weights option that allows you to move between draw bias and draw fade.
It is an ultra-lightweight driver that will give you speed, distance, backspin and accuracy.

If you are ready to spend a good amount on a highly functional driver, Epic Flash is worth the shot.

Key Features

  • Flash Face Technology: The engineers at Callaway used Artificial intelligence to allow increased speed in the center of face.
  • Jailbreak Technology: The crown and sole are connected by 2 internal bars to provide stability to the clubhead promoting faster ball speed.
  • T2C Carbon Crown: A novel carbon material T2C is used to make the drivers lightweight while enhancing stability and forgiveness on off-center hits.
  • Adjustable Perimeter Weight: Hit the shots you want with easy weight adjustment with 16 g weight
  • Innovative and high-tech design created by artificial intelligence

What We Liked

  • 3 Shaft Options
  • Super simple weight adjustment
  • The sound and feel are good
  • Provides longest distance compared to previous Callaway models

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not the best option if you have a faster swing speed

3. Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver

It is impossible to enlist best golf drivers without including Callaway, and for us two adjustable drivers by the brand make it to the list of top five. Designed to be an innovative and impressive design that delivers the best performance, Big Bertha fits the requirements of a midcap golfer.

Apart from the great sound and feel, the driver is made using Fusion Technology that brings together the qualities of titanium and triaxial carbon to give enhanced stability and create forgiveness. As a result, the hits are longer and straighter. Moreover, the titanium exo-cage allows weight adjustment that makes it increasing the swing speed easy and lets you achieve accuracy and distance.

The driver comes with a graphite shaft that has flex options: regular, stiff and senior.  The shaft options i.e. UST’s recoil shaft and 60G Mitsubishi diamana Red board are also incredible and offer more power and control. Another adjustability factor in Big Bertha is the loft that you can adjust at 10.5 or 13.5.

With a good sized sweet spot and innovatively designed clubhead, Callaway has introduced a great driver for a wide range of players looking to improve their skills at the game. So many features at a very decent price has made this driver very popular among mid cappers.

Key Features

  • Fusion technology for maximum forgiveness
  • Ultralight triaxial carbon crown promoting straighter and accurate hits
  • Innovative titanium exo-cage to reposition weight
  • Industry-leading aerodynamics reduces drag
  • Increased swing speed and more distance
  • High-performance premium shaft selection
  • More moment of Inertia and forgiveness
  • Premium Shaft Selection

What We Like

  • Considerably minimizes slice off tee
  • Reduced penalty on mishits
  • Great accuracy and distance
  • Lightweight and offers effortless swing

What We Didn’t Like

  • Adjustment tool not included

4. Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Driver

This list would be incomplete without including a masterpiece from Wilson, a leading brand in the golf world and sports equipment. Among amateurs looking to improve their game and move a step up, D7 is a very popular choice. So, if you are mid handicapper looking for the driver that improves your off-center strikes, D7 is another great choice.

The shaft material is graphite, and it is available in 3 flex options i.e. senior, stiff and regular. The regular shaft is 59 grams makes D7 an all-rounder. The advanced materials used in the head gives it a weight of only 192 grams. Thus, D7 diver features a superlight design that allows longer distance off the tee with increased ball speed.

D7 offers a dynamic launch control depending on the loft setting. You can adjust it to 9 degrees for weight bias forward, 10.5 degrees for middle and 13 degrees for bias toward heel and back. The different loft settings cleverly optimize the internal weight and give a longer distance with every setting.

Using the ‘RE-AKT’ technology, Wilson has incorporated the feature of added swing speed and power in D7. Moreover, the composite crown three-piece layered Kevlar and carbon crown gives the driver an incredible sound and feel. The super lightweight design has made this driver a popular choice.

Key Features

  • Super light design and simple club head construction
  • 3 different loft adjustments give a dynamic launch
  • Kevlar and carbon layered construction of crown reduces vibrations
  • Lightweight design allows greater ball speed and extended hits

What We Liked

  • Light design
  • High speed and distance
  • Crisp sound on impact
  • Reasonable price point
  • Also good for pro players

What We Didn’t Like

  • Grip is not as great

5. PGX Offset Golf Driver

It is unfair to conclude the list without including the most budget friendly option that is of great value. The PGX Offset suits the game requirement of beginners and skill set level of mid handicappers alike. Although it might not deliver the performance of other more costly drivers on the list, PGX is a great value for money.

Slice shots are a problem faced by a wide range of golfers. Whether you are an amateur or jumping up to become a mid-level player, you will need a driver with anti-slice technology. PCX is equipped with an anti-slice feature, the clubhead is a big 460 cc size with a massive sweet spot that allows you to squarely hit the ball. As a result a greater consistency is achieved in longer and straighter strikes.

The club does not have adjustable features and might not be as durable as other options. However, it will stay around long enough for you to step up your game. Instead of purchasing a random or chief golf set, it is better to go with PGX because it will surely give you better performance.

Also, for beginners and high to mid handicappers, most costly drivers will be a lot to get accustomed to go for the simple option until you are prepared to invest in a better and adjustable driver.

Key Features

  • Sleek design with a matte black finish
  • Offset driver: Square the ball at impact with this offset driver and deliver straight hits
  • Anti-slice technology
  • 460cc club head
  • Large sweet spot and thus more forgiveness
  • Includes a head cover

What We Like

  • Minimize the effect of slice shots and allows straighter hits
  • Great for mid to low handicapper
  • Simple and user-friendly design
  • Budget friendly choice

What We Didn’t Like

  • No adjustable factors
  • Paint might scrap off with extended use

Final Thoughts

For all the golfers out there who are working hard to jump up to a higher skill set, it is important to get the necessary equipment that can help improve your game.

Our top pick for the best golf driver for mid handicappers would be the TaylorMade M4 Driver. It is an all-rounder option and complete in every sense. Our favorite things about it would be the wide range of adjustable features that a mid-handicapper needs and has a reasonable price point. While you might have to compromise one or more features with another driver, the customizable options of M4  allow you to significantly control your strikes.
If you are looking for the best in a very low budget, our recommendation would be the PGX Offset Driver. It is a classy and sleek design with black matte finish. Till you invest in a better driver, PGX will get the job done. You may even keep it as a backup option.

With so many good golf drivers out there, we hope we made the process of choosing the one best for yourself convenient.

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