Best Golf Tees

Many golfers don’t realize the importance of a great golf tee. When you have the chance to tee your ball up and hit it from a position that is slightly elevated, you should take advantage of this situation and make sure you choose the proper tee.

There are some tees on the market that will be better for your golf game than others. If you don’t have the proper tee height or material, chances are you could end up struggling to get the distance that you deserve from the tee. Take a look at the best golf tees on the market for 2022.

Best Plastic Golf Tees

Pride Professional Tee System Plastic Golf Tees

image of pride professional tee system plastic golf tees

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If you have ever felt as though finding the right tee height was a bit tricky, the golf tees you need are the Pride Professionals. Each one of these tees comes with a color bar indicating the tee length and allows you to fine-tune the height.

It is essential to know exactly how high to tee your golf ball. If you end up missing the mark and teeing the ball too low or high, you could miss the sweet spot of the golf shot that you hit. These Pride Professional Tees are also low resistance, and make sure that they don’t hold your driver back in any way.


  • Durable plastic construction
  • Comes in varying heights
  • Low resistance, less friction


  • Known to be some of the more expensive plastic tees


Best Bamboo Tee

CHAMPKEY SDB Bamboo Golf Tees

image of champkey sdb bamboo golf tees

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Wood golf tees are some of the best golf tees for when you want stability. These Champkey SDB Bamboo golf tees are good for the environment and will help you get some more distance off the tee. The Champkey tees were tested to prove that there is no reduction in distance from using this biodegradable golf tee.

In addition, the other great feature of bamboo or wooden tees like this is that they don’t mark up your golf club face nearly as much. You will find that the driver and even your Fairway woods and Hybrids will show less wear and tear if you are consistent with the clubs you are using.


  • Helps you achieve consistent results
  • Great for the environment
  • Helps to hold your golf ball stable


  • Some don’t like the heavier feel of wooden tees

GoSports 3.25″ XL Premium Wooden Golf Tees

image of gosports 3.25" xl premium wooden golf tees

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When hitting with your golf driver, the tee height that you use is essential. If you play with a tee that is too short, chances are you are going to miss the sweet spot of your driver. With these large 460cc club heads on the market, the height of the golf tee that you use is essential. The GoSports 3.35 inch golf tees are long enough for you to get maximum distance and straight direction with your drives.

We like that the GoSports 3.25 XL Premium Tees are built to last. The last thing you want is to break a tee each time you hit a drive; with this tee, that should not be an issue. With the hardwood construction, you will also notice that the marks left on your golf club are a bit less severe than the plastic tees.


  • Long tee height for driver
  • Thin Hardoowd construction to eliminate resistance and friction
  • Available in several colors


  • Not the best choice for iron shots

IZZO Golf Wood Tee

image of izzo golf wood tee

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When you are hitting iron shots, there is no reason to use a large golf tee and shove it entirely into the ground. There are plenty of other options on the market that are built specifically to the height of your iron. Chances are, if you use the proper size tee for your iron shots, you will also see that the results are a bit better.

The IZZO Golf WOod Tee is 1 3/4 inches in length and comes as a 200 pack. This is a perfect tee for an iron shot. The tee is made with durable hardwood, so that you should get more than a few swings out of using this technology. If you play many holes with the irons, hybrids, or fairway woods from the tee box, you will enjoy what the Izzo golf tees have to offer.


  • Best golf tees for an iron because of the shorter length
  • Easy to spot and available in several colors
  • Durable construction means you should get more than one round out of it


  • Some find that plastic tees offer less resistance than wooden golf tees


THIODOON Golf Tees Professional Natural Wood Golf Tees

image of thiodoon golf tees professional natural wood golf tees

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If you are one of those players that break golf tees on every swing and just need a cheap option to get you through the course, the Thiodoon Golf Tees is a good idea to consider. These are natural wood golf tees, and they come in a variety of colors.

You will be able to quickly spot these tees after you hit them as they are quite bright. As far as adding distance or having features that will allow you to set the tee to a consistent height, you will likely have to pay a bit more money. Some players find that spending money on golf tees is not really beneficial, and the money is better spent on golf balls.


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Easy to find after your tee shots
  • Does not cost very much


  • Not as great from a performance aspect as a zero-friction tee

SAPLIZE Bamboo Golf Tees

image of saplize bamboo golf tees

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One of the key features of Bamboo golf tees is that they tend to be stronger than traditional wooden tees. Whether you are playing plastic or wood tees, they will break at times, but the Bamboo seems to stay around for quite some time.

Another thing we love about the Bamboo tee is that it reduces some of the friction between the golf ball and the tee. Many people feel that the side spin they get from a bamboo tee is less than with a plastic or wooden tee. Overall the smooth cup design and the stripes to help you get a consistent tee height make the Saplize one of the best bamboo golf tees on the market.


  • Has stripe lines to help you get the proper height
  • Tees are made with bamboo for longevity
  • Biodegradable


  • Some bamboo tees tend to be a bit more expensive than other types of golf tees

Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf Tees

image of zero friction tour 3-prong golf tees

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The Zero Friction Golf Tees are a brand that is designed to help players feel as though their golf tee could not possibly holding them back from the distance they need. The Zero Friction Tour 3 Prong golf tees are one of the top options on the PGA Tour. There are more than 70 wins on the PGA Tour, where players can admit to using the Zero Friction Tour 3 Tees for their round.

The main thing that sets these golf tees apart is their lightweight feel and performance. You won’t need to worry about the driver feel as though it got hung up on the tee. The tee is made with the 3 prong head so that there is less contact with the driver. Most golfers feel as though this leads to longer and straighter golf shots.


  • Lighter weight than wooden tees
  • Used on the PGA Tour
  • Will last for many hits
  • Available in several sizes


  • Not a biodegradable tee

Callaway Par-Tee

image of callaway par-tee

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If you only want to keep a few tees around and use them over and over again, the Callaway Par Tee is a perfect choice. This is a white plastic tee, but the top is made with a rubberized material. The rubber material ensures that the tee can be used over and over again.

Similar to the zero friction tees, the Callaway Par-Tee also allows for golfers to get a very low spin from the tee. With the lower spinning Par-Tee, you won’t worry that your golf tees discourage you from getting any distance. Even though these tees may seem expensive for just a ten-piece set, they feature some of the best golf tee technology you can find.


  • Quality golf tee
  • Durable rubber top
  • Players feel the low spin provides more yards off the tee


  • Expensive for a few tees

The Best Golf Tees are . . .

image of pride professional tee system plastic golf tees

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The best golf tees in 2022 are the Pride Professional plastic golf tees. The Pride Professional tees feature the capability of selecting your tee height so that you can hit the exact shot that you need to.

Whether you are hitting a fairway wood or a driver off the tee, the Pride Professional are very easy to adjust. Many golfers on the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour are using these clubs because of their consistency and performance. In addition, you will notice that this tee is rather thin, so it has almost no resistance at impact.

Golf Tee Buying Guide

Now that you have a better idea of which golf tees are the best on the market, it’s time to figure out which are best for your game. Let’s take a look at some of the criteria you can use to break down which tee is best for your game.


The ideal height for a golf tee will depend a bit on the club you are trying to hit it with. When hitting a driver, you want about half of the golf ball to sit above the top of the driver’s head.

You also want to make sure that your golf tee is lined up directly with the center of your iron face when you hit an iron off the tee. Most golfers like to have both short and long tees in their bags, so they are prepared for any situation.


Golf tees come in various colors, but many players only want to use plastic or wood tees that are light in color. You should be aware that although the colored golf tees are easy to find, they will also potentially leave marks on your clubhead where the tee and the clubhead made contact with each other.


Golf tees are typically wood, bamboo, or plastic. The plastic tees are great because you can use them over and over again. Many people feel that their lighter construction also helps to ensure the ball travels a long way. The major problem is the plastic tees are not as good for the environment. Bamboo and wooden tees tend to be biodegradable and sometimes give a bit more resistance at impact. It may make sense to experiment with a few different types of tees.


One of the best features that a golf tee can have is the ability to adjust the height to exactly the right position. These are typically lines painted at different heights on the tee so that the height can remain consistent from one hole to the next. Some anti slice tees are on the market, but most find that they don’t do all that much to reduce a slice.


Golfers are always looking for the perfect information about golf tees and the proper height; here are a few things to consider when purchasing your next pack of golf tees.

What Is The Best Height For A Tee For A Driver?

A recent study determined that the best tee height for a golf driver is 1.5 inches. The tee heights that were lower than this produced shots with not enough launch angle; higher than 1.5 got the ball too high up. To get the height of the tee to exactly 1.5 inches, you will need something slightly larger than 2 inches.

If you have been struggling with distance off of the tee, you may want to check out our recent reviews on our favorite Golf ball, Distance for 2022 along with the highest rated Best golf irons for distance..

How Many Tees Does A Golfer Need For A Round?

Most golfers will have a pocket full of 18 tees. However, if you use plastic golf tees, chances are you will only need one or two. Even wooden tees will likely only require three or four for a round. You should be picking your tees up after your shots and using them again.

Should I Use Wooden Golf Tees?

Wooden golf tees are great for the environment, and one of the misconceptions of the wooden tee is that it will cause golfers to lose distance. Restriction at impact with the wooden tees is not enough to cause any kind of significant restriction in the distance.

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